An Overview of The Popular Food of Africa

African food is a common term used to include collectively cuisines popular all over Africa. The African continent is the second largest in the world and home to different cultures, civilizations and ethnic groups. The culinary ingredients used and food choices are as diverse as the ethnic groups that vary in the different region. Generally, Africans use locally grown ingredients in their food, which includes fresh vegetables, fruits, cereal, grains, and milk and meat products. Let’s find out what are the favorite foods of Africa on the whole

Mielie Pap

Mielie Pap is the most popular food of Africa made of corn and meal porridge. Enjoyed by almost all African groups, it is served as the main course with meat. Different ethnic groups prefer it for breakfast and the cornmeal is served with cheese toppings and butter.


Braai is another popular dish in Africa. The word braai means BBQ or roasted meat and is devoured with great zeal. It is prepared by either roasting the grilled meat on an open fire or stewing it in a three legged metal dish. Braai is so popular locally that you can even find it on hotel menus and it is served with vegetables.


Chakalaka is a traditional African dish prepared by vegetables and a favorite of all local residents. The ingredients used in the recipe are tomato, chili pepper, green pepper, seasonings and beans. Chakalala can be served with mielie pap or bread and is a favorite dish among foreign travelers who crave for spicy food.

Koeksisters and Melktert

These are sweet dishes and very popular among traditional Africans. Koeksister resembles a doughnut prepared by deep-frying dough and when it cools the center space is filled with ice-cold sugary syrup and served as a cold dessert. Milktert is a pastry typically baked and then topped by some delicious filling.


Boerewors is a dish prpared from spicy sausage which is cooked slowly on a rotisserie for a long length of time. The recipe includes fresh minced meat of lamb, beef or pork and ingredients consists nutmeg, cloves, pepper, and coriander seeds with allspices. Sausages are dipped in Worcestershire sauce, Vinegar and salt. Boerwaors is created from 90% of meat and the rest is fat.

Mopane Worm

Mopane Worm is used for preparing many dishes and is very popular among locals but not at all popular with foreigners. Mopane worm, in its dried form, is highly nutritious and consists of a high quantity of proteins. The first step in preparing this dish is to get rid of the caterpillar’s guts and then boil them in water or fry in their own fat. The next step involves cooking these dried caterpillars with onions, tomatoes and other vegetables. They are often served with flavored sauces.