Best Romantic Islands in the World

An island, surrounded by limitless water is a refuge from the bustle of the material world. It’s a recluse to get away from the hectic, tiring city life and it’s not uncommon that more than 65% of travelers choose islands for their exclusive relaxation. The word island denotes all islands surrounded by water and very similar accepting their size and location. But that is where the similarity ends. They are different in many ways starting from their flat or volcanic formation and to having some of the most civilized capitals of the world. Islands differ from each other as seashells lying on their shores


Jamaica, the Caribbean’s most beautiful island has all the chic to be the most renowned romantic tourist attraction in the world. Its bustling history, diverse culture and most of all, its friendly people make Jamaica a most want to visit holiday spot. Add its awesome beauty, tropical forests and that fact that it is the third largest island in the Caribbean makes it a tourist paradise. A profusion of Rhythms, ancient history and other attractive things to do will keep you fully entertained for weeks. Jamaica presents you the world’s finest coffee, best treks and tourist protection; all to make your ramble around Jamaica enjoyable.


The island of Cyprus is influenced by cultures and countries like Turkish, Greek, European and Middle Eastern and is situated at the east end of the Mediterranean. The Greek goddess Aphrodite was supposed to have been born from the waves and the cult still goes on to this day with youth who try to excel in trying to touch the holy rock. Cyprus is extremely attractive with cafes at port Limasol, European sophistication and sidewalks to stroll on.


Seychelles is a group of 115 islands, populated with palm trees and coffee and is considered to be the most beautiful place in the world. Its white sandy beaches entice romantics, families, singles and just generally anyone who wants to enjoy a beach holiday. The allure of its sparkling beaches; two of which are considered the best beaches in the world is well worth the trip. The tranquil and serene botanical gardens are for naturalists and others who enjoy a stroll through quiet gardens.  For an exciting nightlife you can visit Beau Vallon Bay featuring discos, bars and casinos.


Cozumel, the largest island in Mexico, is a choice treat for North and South Americans. It’s made up of a pleasant mixture of cultures, languages and beliefs. Tourists, whether pleasure-seekers, businessmen, scientists, archeologists, historians and even families tick off this destination as absolutely enjoyable in their travel books. Cozumel offers modern day sun feasting on the sandy beaches to the rituals of Mayans at their ruins. The temperature of the water usually reaches up to 80 degrees in summer months. The unique reef was admired by Jacques Costeaus and a great number of divers still do the same.


Maui’s stretches over an area of 727 sq. miles and in prehistoric times was formed by wind, fire, earth and water. It is the second largest island after Hawaii. The volcano which formed this great island can be viewed from a helicopter ride while the real beauty lying submerged in the water reef can be best viewed from the Maui Oceanic Center. It is the best haven for sunbathers and semi secluded privacy with luxurious resort villas for honeymooners and romantics. In the evening, have your appetite tantalized with pig roasted in an underground stove.