Best Vacation Destinations in World

If you want to take a break from the monotony of life, there cannot be a better way to rejuvenate yourself than to set off on a perfect holiday to a beautiful destination. The world is full of places which are brimming with attractions.

There are mountains, rivers, deserts, wonderful structures, museums, parks, shopping opportunities and much more. A trip to a perfect tourist destination can help you have lot of fun, unwind and refresh your mind and soul. Here are some of the best vacation destinations in the world that can promise you a great time.


Rome is a perfect destination for the ones who are into history. Also, it is a very romantic destination that can be an ideal place for honeymooners. It has scores of outstanding attractions that make it one-of-its-own-kind.

These include the pristine churches, the Coliseum, the Pyramid of Caius Cestius, and Tiber Island. Rome is a discovery world of great structures, beautiful parks, museums, and much more.


Switzerland is a paradise for tourists. Brimming with breathtaking scenic beauty and landscapes, visiting Switzerland can be the time of your life. You will also enjoy great climate and unwind in close proximity to Mother Nature.


When you hear the name of this city, the Eiffel Tower comes to mind but Paris has a lot more to offer than just this great structure. This city is known as the fashion capital of the world and is also one of the most romantic destinations on the planet.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Place de la Bastille and Champ de Mars include some of the major attractions in this city that you must not miss. Also, the city offers scores of opportunities for shopping and dining.


This is another great destination located in the Pacific Ocean, off the south-west coast of the US. Hawaii includes a number of islands that offer breathtaking views and attractions for the tourists. If you are into hiking or if you want to unwind on the best beaches, there cannot be a better spot for you than Hawaii.


Another great place to visit is Sydney. Located in the heart of Australia, this city is brimming with the finest attractions for tourists. It is well known for its variety of attractions such as beautiful parks, spellbinding beaches, world-class recreational activities, luxury cruise rides and more.