Honeymoon in Thailand

Thailand, with its bustling markets, white coral beaches and extravagant luxury resorts, is an eye dazzler and nurtures the souls of love birds pouring in from all over the world to make their nuptials forever memorable in this magical destination.

The vibrant Thai hospitality and the splendid oriental culture, traditional spicy food, budgeted shopping, golf courses and amazing spas are enough to entice lovers and honeymooners to this romantic getaway for longer than they had intended. Let us recommend you some remarkable sites to visit and stay at during your honeymoon in Thailand.


Bangkok, the capital of Thailand with its 400 ancient temples of Buddha is awe inspiring even though you may find it overcrowded and climatically hot throughout the year. Even when it’s quite moderate in December and January, the city’s temperature is high, perhaps due to the aromatic steam from mouthwatering and spicy curry and other chili dishes.

Grand Palace, with its golden turrets stands, as an iconic landmark of the city and is a must see site once you are in Bangkok. Another vital tourist attraction includes the floating markets on the waterways of the natural harbor overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. Exotic shopping that includes antique gems and handmade silk attires are available at the shops beside the banks of the Chao Phraya River.


Phuket; a honeymoon and romantic getaway, especially for beach lovers, is an isle about the same size as Singapore and is amongst the top attractions of Thailand with its historic culture, traditional architect and diverse ethnic population.

It’s a haven for honeymooning couples with its white sandy beaches, forests, splendid diving spots and secluded and lively sites alike. Must see sites include Wat Chalong Temple and the amazingly beautiful Bay of Phang Nga. Simon Cabaret features exciting night life activities like superb singing and dancing.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a small island located in the south of Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand renowned for its magical beaches. Easily navigable in a few hours by rented cars, motor bikes and bicycles, this is where you can see locals engaged in the primary trades of harvesting and fishing.

Previously a remote area with muddy roads, it soon developed into a top tourist attraction and with an airport, the isle has rapidly converted into a traveler’s paradise with modern amenities including nightclubs, restaurants and beach resorts. Honeymooners can participate in yoga classes, scuba diving lessons and even cooking classes for those keen to learn how to cook native spicy cuisine.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin, the royal seat of the king of Thailand, is at a distance of two hours from the present capital of Thailand. It’s a seaside city offering night markets, shopping, restaurants, yearly jazz celebrations, and white sand beaches shaded by palm trees. Water sport amenities are included among other tourist facilities including a short direct journey by train from Bangkok.

Honeymoon and romantic couples on budgeted trips are advised to visit Hua Hin which offers all kinds of good lodgings ranging from rented villas to top luxury beach resorts like Intercontinental Hua Hin Resort, Hotel Sofitel Grand Resort and Anantara Resort.

Many of these accommodations are at reasonable prices. Like all famous traveler destinations of the world, beware of petty crimes like taxi driver’s scams and pick-pocketing.