Honeymoon Travel Destinations in Europe

A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience and deserves to be the happiest and most memorable one. The European continent offers a multitude of interesting and renowned sights and excursions for couples about to start an adventurous journey of a lifetime.

This interesting and full of excitement exploration of each other should be enjoyed while in the best surroundings so that it remains forever a memorable time in your life. Let’s start our search for the most spectacular destinations to heighten the pleasure of a romantic relationship and engrave it forever in our travel book.

London, UK

Newly married couples in quest of a love nest may find London, UK one of the most fascinating honeymoon destinations. London is an admirably picture-perfect city to begin a royal entourage with your spouse discovering ancient castles, palaces and historical squares and gardens. You will be compelled back in time to medieval kings, queens and dukes who maundered the cobbled streets of old London in carriages and horses.

The city is a profusion of exceptional blends of ancient and modern times includes must see sites like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, London Bridge, British Museum and the Museum of Madame Tassauds. London offers a profusion of sightseeing including exciting nightlife, excellent shopping, world prize winning cuisines and music and dance venues. Sporting locations and festivities are something in which London folks excel more than any other nation on the Continent.

Oslo, Norway

A great crowd of honeymooners from all over the world turn to conventionally poetic and romantic travel destinations like Paris, Rome and Venice. Although these romantics prefer to follow customary traditions, there is another set of adventurous travelers who seek a completely different natured honeymoon. They prefer to interact with nature far from the densely populated metropolis of the world. To them intimacy is built while island jumping, kayaking, rafting, mountaineering, cliff climbing, hiking, trekking and biking.

These adventure seekers find a natural and wild destination like Oslo, Norway a haven to satisfy their nature loving souls. Oslo, the capital of Norway, is a scenic blend of highly urbanized and a spectacular combination of natural beauty including spiked coasts, glaciers and abundant islands and coastal wonders. Oslo is well equipped with tourist amenities including guided tours, mouthwatering cuisine and varied lodgings suitable for all kind of activities.

Venice, Italy

If you move from thrill and adventure to  peace and serenity the first name that tops your travel book will likely be Venice, a city noted for its languid, shimmering, floating and traditional romance. The honeymooners’ paradise from earliest times, not only entices lovers and married couples, but also  families asa well Cruising in swan-like gondolas through this 1500 years old ancient city of architectural magnificence and antiquity with its arched bridges and majestic cathedrals and popular canal side restaurants offering candle light dinner, are sure to make your honeymoon a memorable one for the rest of your married life.

Created naturally out of more than 100 small islands, Venice stands as an icon of love and romance around the world. Excellent and affordable lodgings suitable to your budget are available all around the year and climate is also moderate year round.