Popular Foods of Switzerland

Switzerland is a great place to visit. It is well known for its scenic beauty and its amazing attractions. Also, there are various great foods that you can enjoy in this place. Swiss foods are easy to prepare and delicious to eat. If you plan to visit this place, there are certain foods that you must try. You must know that Switzerland has different ethnic populations and each has their own unique foods.

Swiss dishes are known according to the region from which they come. The German Swiss part of the country makes up a major part of Switzerland. It has a variety of cuisines that can make your trip to this place very worthwhile. Here are some of the most amazing tastes of Switzerland that you will want to discover.


Rösti is one of the most popular foods of Switzerland. It looks like hash browns but it can be mixed with other foods to create new tastes. It was introduced in the rural areas and was originally eaten as a breakfast dish. Rösti with onions and rösti with fried eggs are two types of this food. Also, Rösti with cheese is another form of this cuisine that you would love to taste.


Raclette is another great food that you can enjoy in Switzerland. It is a cheese based dish. The cheese is melted in small pans along with pearl onions, cucumbers and boiled potatoes. It is made and loved by almost everyone in the country. It is easy to prepare and great to eat.


Birchermüesli is another dish that is well liked in Switzerland. It has oatmeal flakes and milk, apples and lemon juice. Also, you can add hazel nuts, walnuts or cream to it.


This is another great taste in Switzerland. Cheese that is cooked and melted with white wine – it may have garlic as well. It is eaten together with bread that you can put into the cheese. This food is taken out of a common container. Fondue basically originated in the French part of Switzerland and has a number of variations. The cheese used in it varies depending on the area. Vacherin fribourgeois is best known. You can enjoy this food together with wine, black tea, or herbal teas.


Polenta is another great dish that you must try. It belongs to the Italian speaking part of the country. Made out of corn flour; polenta is served with milk, cheese, fried eggs or mushrooms. Also, it can be eaten with meat.